Built Environment

The Atlanta Falcons

Black white, and red. These three colors make up the majority of the Atlanta Falcon’s website because they are the team colors. Even though there is not much variety in color, the content of the website can make up for this. The… Continue Reading →

Digital Built Environment #4:

These are pictures of the Tickets page on the Atlanta Falcon’s website. Fans would go to this site if they were interested in buying different types of tickets for the games. The top of the page contains the different types… Continue Reading →

Digital Built Environment #3:

These are pictures of the Team page on the Atlanta Falcon’s website. This page has anything team related that fans may be looking for. This includes the roster for the team, new players being admitted to the team, and another… Continue Reading →

Digital Built Environment Description #2:

These are pictures of the News page on the Atlanta Falcon’s website. The top of the page, much like the homepage, has news stories circulating. The rest of the page is dedicated to posting the latest news available in chronological… Continue Reading →

Digital Built Environment Description #1:

These are pictures of the home page of the Atlanta Falcon’s. Starting at the top of the page, there are headline news stories being circulated through on the top. The top of the page also includes links to other places… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography #10

Image found in article on Pacific Standard. The Summary/Evidence This picture shows a dilapidated street, that contains trash strewn across it. The picture illustrates a poor community that seems to be on the fringe of a city, due to the… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography #7

Rathbone, John Paul. Colombia tries to bridge the gap between rich and poor. Image This is an image from an article by John Paul Rathbone. The picture shows the stark difference between an extravagant hotel and some slums in Colombia…. Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography #6: Social Capital and the Built Environment: The Importance of Walkable Neighborhoods

The article by KM. Leyden focuses on how the built environment affects levels of social and community engagement. A Quick Summary The author states that researchers find people with higher social engagement are healthier than people with lower levels. The author… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography #5: Promoting Safe Walking and Cycling to Improve Public Health: Lessons From The Netherlands and Germany

The article by J. Pucher and L. Dijkstra focuses on the poor conditions for walking and cycling in American cities, and ways to improve them. The authors use The Netherlands and Germany as examples of how to improve these conditions…. Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography #4: “Health and the Built Environment: 10 Years After”

This article written by Richard J. Jackson, Andrew L. Dannenberg, and Howard Frumkin is about the reignited interest in the relationship between health and the built environment, and what else can be done to continue developing this relationship. A Quick… Continue Reading →

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