March 2016

Group Project 3/21/16

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Class Notes 3/7/16

Nersessova’s Tapestry of Space Who is the audience? People interested in homelessness Photographers/tourists Homeowners Policy makers What is the purpose? As an eye opener To critique capitalism or other facets of our economics system To think differently about our position… Continue Reading →

Reading Summary #6: “Understanding Visual Rhetoric in Digital Writing Environments”

Introduction The article, “Understanding Visual Rhetoric in Digital Writing Environments,” by Mary Hocks is about the rhetoric that is found in digital writing environments. The article talks about how teachers can teach their students to write about the visual rhetoric… Continue Reading →

Reading Summary #5: “Better Online Living through Content Moderation”

Introduction The article “Better Online Living through Content Moderation,” by Melissa King is about how people moderate the content that they view online. It describes how people that do this are criticized, and how¬†content moderation can help these people. The… Continue Reading →

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