Image found in article on Pacific Standard.

The Summary/Evidence

This picture shows a dilapidated street, that contains trash strewn across it. The picture illustrates a poor community that seems to be on the fringe of a city, due to the tall building in the background. The poor living conditions can not be healthy for the citizens of this community. Since Atlanta is a city with poor neighborhoods, like any other major city, this picture may be representative of conditions that can be found in the city.

Why this Source?

I chose this source because it provides a street level view from a poor street. It provides a visual of poor living conditions that cannot be received from words.


A flaw this picture has is that it only provides a visual of a street, and not other aspects of the exterior environment.

How is it related?

This picture can be related to the annotated bibliographies I did  on the impact of the built environment on health.