A restaurant with a picture of pouring syrup catches your eyes. Your hungry stomach grumbles at you, and before you know it, you are walking towards the restaurant. You open the door and the smell of syrup, frying eggs and meat, coffee, and grease hit your nose. You are greeted by employees at the counter. As you sit down, a waiter or waitress comes over and asks you for your order. These are all things that are experienced as you walk into the Waffle House on the Georgia State University campus, that is located near the Petite Science Center.

Why don't you come in and take a seat?

Why don’t you come in and take a seat?

As you are sitting in a booth or on one of the stools on the front counter, if you look up you will see pictures of Georgia State University, and pictures of Waffle House from the past. If you glance towards the back of the restaurant, you will see employees hustling and bustling while they take care of orders for their customers. Occasionally the manager is seen also helping out. The employees are friendly and engaging, and they have no problem with having conversations with their customers. The overall layout in the restaurant makes it easy to bring a group of friends to come enjoy a meal in one of the many booths available.


Where the magic happens.

At the back of the restaurant, the grill and other cooking appliances can be seen. The dishes that are used to serve customers can also be seen above the cooking appliances. The restaurant represents Georgia State University with alternating splashes of blue and grey throughout. There are tall windows along the restaurant front that give a view of the street outside. Anyone looking for somewhere that has a relaxed atmosphere  by themselves or with a group of friends can look to come to the Georgia State University Waffle House.



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