The article by J. Pucher and L. Dijkstra focuses on the poor conditions for walking and cycling in American cities, and ways to improve them. The authors use The Netherlands and Germany as examples of how to improve these conditions.

A Quick Summary

The authors attribute the poor conditions for walking and cycling to two reasons: the higher mortality rates for walking and cycling, and how much slower it is than driving an automobile. The authors go on to compare the levels of walking and cycling in the United StatesĀ to The Netherlands and Germany. Then they go on to describe the dangers of it and how to make it safer.

Examples of unsafe walking and cycling conditions.


The article describes the poor walking and cycling conditions in American cities. I think this information can be related to Atlanta because it is a major city, and it has these same problems.

Why This Source?

This source is a bit more detailed than some of my other sources. It provides more statistics, and it is more closely related to Atlanta than my other sources.


This article was written in 2003. Many of the statistics in this article may have changed between then and now.

How is it Related?

This article is more directly related to Atlanta, and the relationship between health and the built environment. It builds on to the other articles I have that are related to health and the built environment.


Pucher, J, and L Dijkstra. “Public Health Matters. Promoting Safe Walking And Cycling To Improve Public Health: Lessons From The Netherlands And Germany.” American Journal Of Public Health 93.9 (2003): 1509-1516 8p. CINAHL Plus with Full Text. Web. 18 Feb. 2016.