Annotated Bibliography 5

In this article the topic of discussion is the revitalization of urban area so that the social and economic elements of the community can prosper. At the beginning of the article researches identify that many urban communities are now experiencing a social shift stemming from the changing demographic elements such as race, job growth and the introduction of more businesses. This shifting urban built environment is now a “network society” (Kelly, 1). During their research experimenters establish the concept that these now revitalized networking society are no longer cities built on singular industrial jobs that dictate the communities progress. The network communities provide a space for various job opportunities that can benefit the community as a whole.  The researcher also noted that spatial placement of vital places in the community are what help create the sense of wholeness. This article apply to the built environment project by demonstrating that area in urban environments can be revitalized as well as provide a sense of safety within an urban area.

“Collaborative Digital Techniques and Urban Neighborhood Revitalization.” Social Work 56, no. 2 (April 2011): 185–88 4p. doi:sw/56.2.185.


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