Midterm Reflection

Since beginning this hybrid class, the academic process of writing has  challenged myself to step outside of the conformity of traditional independent work and research. During the final years of my high school career, the research in my english classes were limited and the process in which subjects we were able to research were somewhat restricted. This style in which I was taught and perceived english research, consisted of a cookie-cutter process that did not  allow for much creativity or critical thinking research, trapped in a spoon-feed format. Once I entered this class my previous perception of english writing and research was shattered. Our major assignments surrounding the built environment provides me with critical thinking prospective that directly relates to the urban environment I currently live in here at Georgia State. Although the act of research of is similar to my preset high school research   assignments, the approach to research assignments are un-parallel.

Now after completing the first rounds of major assignments, I have acquire the insight needed to truly perform the assignments. I am able to take this information and make my primary research, such as the built environment and my secondary research like the annotated bibliography, to a new level which will enhance the quality of my work. Through enhancing my work I am able to capture my audience which consists of my classmates and the instructor. Since I am now starting to understand my target I can frame my post and assignments towards being an exclusive look into my experience of the built environment  here in Atlanta. The blog post  surrounding the built environment of Atlanta allow the traditional brick and motor concept of research to be stripped away, and a new technologically savvy format to prosper.

Since starting this hybrid class I have become more in-touch with the strengths and weaknesses. All throughout my writing academic I’ve always has strong concepts and the ability to process the concepts and translate them into my writing. Although my concepts are strong, many times my weakness in conventions (grammar) can diminish my overall concept to my writing. So as of now truly try and take my time to proof my work, while also giving more time to conventions during the writing process. My major weakness in this class is the extra points assignments, while trying to balance the major assignment for this class and other four classes result in me missing the dead lines for the extra points assignments. I have tried to make up for the points by doing extra for the major assignments. But with more time management and care planning, i can begin to tackle the assignment to and receive the grade i would like- A.






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