Computers vs people


How does computers and professors grade differently? The reason the two grade different is that computers run by a system that can’t tell about what is written and how it’s supposed to be. Professors can understand what is written and can feel what the student is explaining. Another difference is that students can bring up things that are pertaining to there grade and can be override by there professors if a mistake were to happen. Computers don’t have emotions as humans do. A computer is defined as a machine that receives input, stores data, and provides output in a useful way. A bad idea about is that you can always rely on computers to examine essays. The good idea idea is that the professor should read the essay to evaluate and under what the student is saying pertaining to their paper. How would using technology to evaluate a students paper help?

        Nowadays agencies would prefer to invest in computers scoring system because they think that it would save large amounts of money. Agencies have faith that the public people would think that computers are than human readers. Human are able to learn by mistakes, by errors, by experiences that may be good or bad and it is due to this learning that makes him/her capable of dealing with situation efficient Computers are bad at understanding and interpreting writing





         “Computers play important role in research on the language and writing human produce” ( Anson and Perelman 280)There are things that computers can do in second but takes humans for a while to process. In the article it explained how when it comes to evaluating, computers horrible because natural language is extraordinary complex for the most smartest computer to understand. Computers you can’t tell if the computer can grade a paper from scratch about the subject. Machines scans for length and percentage of infrequently used words. In the article, ”A computer can’t differentiate between reasonable and absurd inferences either”( Anson and Perelman 279). Computers can store and search a lot of data but can’t put the knowledge it has to put it together to complete an essay. Computers are worse at evaluating when the passage is long as when to a human they read the passage and correct the mistakes. Another example is math, a computer can score math because it have multiple choices but as for reading it is different. Researchers found out that computers scoring system gives higher scores to longer essays. Most people would prefer the old method by reading the passage because they could spot the issues the writers have.

        Study shows that in 2001 about cost of computers scores writing are high but most institutions could afford it and how the the placement testing removes the facility from the placement process. “Construct validity remained a key concern for writing placer plus because of our belief that its desires the nature of the conduct “writing” ”(Ericsson and Haswell’s ). Generally people would like the new placement system but most student were unaware that there paper were getting examined by a computer. When some of the students found out there papers was getting examined by a computer some of the student were disturbed in different ways. Do you think that in the future technology would be proficient for correcting essays? I have learnt that it would be in fact easier for the professors to just evaluate a paper though technology but how would it be for the student.








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