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Teacher Inspiration

  Do you ever get the educator blues? It can be difficult sometimes to handle all of the day-to-day responsibilities that comes with a role of service to children and parents. The pay isn’t always rewarding; sometimes you’re blamed for

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Nap Time is the Best Time

  “Think nap time for preschoolers during the school day might be time better spent in educational activities? Think again. New research shows that a midday nap may play a crucial role in enhancing memory and boosting learning capabilities in preschool-age children.”

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Class Community Initiative

One school year, a very long time ago, sometime in the late 90s… I remember I planned a lesson on the class environment, furniture, the use of class materials and why we have them in school. It was at the

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Dual Language Learners often arrive in your class with working knowledge of Tier I English words, that is, words commonly used during daily communication. However, their knowledge of Tier II and Tier III English words is often not well developed.

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The Simultaneous Dual Language Learner

Let’s take a look at a Simultaneous Dual Language Learner, that is, a child who has heard two or more languages since birth.  Yago’s parents speak to him in both Spanish and English.   In this video, Yago is primarily speaking

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