The Simultaneous Dual Language Learner

Let’s take a look at a Simultaneous Dual Language Learner, that is, a child who has heard two or more languages since birth.  Yago’s parents speak to him in both Spanish and English.   In this video, Yago is primarily speaking to mom and dad in English however, he readily switches and begins speaking to mom in Spanish.  His parents are fostering his language and learning by intentionally facilitating play using a kitchen set designed and created by mom.  This type of activity encourages problem solving, critical thinking and active learning around daily routine activities.  Take a chapter from this family’s playbook to help Dual Language Learners in your class learn and retain concepts and new vocabulary through child-centered dramatic play activities.


This is the third of four posts in a series submitted by Linda Snead-Sanders. Stay tuned for more on dual language learners!

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