Choosing the Best Apps for Young Children

Finding the best educational apps for young children can be a challenge.  On the Apple App Store, approximately 80% of paid apps are tagged as “educational”, and about half of those are designed for children under age 5.

How can a parent or teacher separate the better ones from the merely good?  Multiple websites provide app reviews of apps and other media for children and can be a good beginning point when selecting and evaluating digital media tools.  Take a look at the sites listed below.  Remember, though, that while the reviews are helpful, parents and educators should still explore the app or tool and determine if it is the best fit for the children in their care.

Tech with Kids – A digital magazine that reviews children’s media products, including apps, games, websites, and tech toys. All products are tested by our professional reviewers and, when appropriate, played by kids.  Tech with Kids doesn’t accept any remuneration for reviewing products and app developers cannot buy their way to the top of their reviewing queue.

Common Sense Media – A nonprofit with a strong commitment to an unbiased, in-depth editorial process. The ratings and reviews of edtech are not influenced by developers or funders, and they never receive payments or other compensation for reviewing any tools.


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