Going Up! – 03.23.16

Take a look at the progress on GSU’s newest dorm…


As always, double click the photo to see it full sized.

In this first photo, there are three things I noticed.  First, at the bottom, left, there is a backhoe digging up what had previously been the construction entrance driveway.  It will likely be the primary entrance into the dorm’s parking area and main entrance, so I am curious what has prompted the area to be dug up.  This is very near where there was a lot of water and sewer infrastructure installed last summer.

The second thing that I notice is at the bottom, center of the photo.  That mound of scraggly brown stuff is a number of trees that are waiting to be planted.  They were delivered last week, and I wonder how long they will lay there before being planted.  The trees are a sign that building is nearing completion!

At the bottom, right of the photo is the area that I assumed early on might be an entrance into a parking area or maintenance area, perhaps the trash compactor and loading dock.  It is beginning to look like windows will be installed.  Now, I am thinking that this may be a retail space.  A restaurant or market across the street from the office would be awesome!


This second photo shows the dorm from a bit of a different perspective.  You can see the backhoe from the first picture at the bottom, center.  Check out the construction of the building’s main entrance in the middle of the photo.  It looks like it might be pretty grand!


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