A List of Lists About Nearly Everything

I maintain a collection of websites and articles and other ideas that could become potential blog posts.  Lately, it has grown significantly, and I took some time today for some pruning.

I originally saved all of these because they’re such great ideas and resources; I can’t just delete and forget about them.  However, there are so many on the list that I will never be able to write blog posts about all of them.

What to do…what to do???

Ah, yes! … The list of lists was born.

(So, the list doesn’t include ideas for EVERYTHING as the title promised, but who really needs another resource for decorating your classroom using only spare parts from IKEA or details of the skills needed to successfully farm alpacas?)

Take a look at these lists of books, websites, and ideas.  You are bound to find something new you can use in your classroom or life in general.  Enjoy!

100 Notable Children’s Books, selected by the staff at the New York Public Library.

15 Picture Books that Support Children’s Spatial Skills Development, curated by the folks at MindShift

100 Best Video Sites for Educators, you name it, there’s a video site for it

29 Recipes Every Millennial Should Know, because we all need some ideas to spiff up the dinner repertoire

19 Websites That Will Make You Smarter in Every Way, curated by lifehack.org


I train Georgia PreK teachers and dabble a bit in the art of blogging. Have an idea for a blog post? Email me at bestpractices@gsu.edu. On the web: www.bestpractices.gsu.edu Facebook: www.facebook.com/bestpracticespk Twitter: @bestpracticespk

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