5 Wordless Picture Books

Looking for a different kind of book to share during story time?  How about wordless picture books?  Check out these engaging and beautifully illustrated books that share a story but encourage young children to provide the text.


91dC7gzr-+LThe Farmer and the Clown by Marla Frazee ($17.99, hardcover, Beach Lane Books): A farmer rescues a baby clown who has bounced off the circus train and reunites him with his clown family.



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The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher by Molly Bang ($7.99, paperback, Aladdin Books): “The Wily woman eludes the thief and then leads him into an eerie swamp where this curious adventure takes a surprising and laughable turn.”



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Tuesday by David Wiesner ($7.99, paperback, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt): “It’s Tuesday night, and a large bullfrog suddenly wakes up to discover he and his lily pad are floating in the air! Soon the sky is filled with flying frogs, careening on their pads and having a whale of a time. At dawn, they all come crashing to the ground, and return to their now boring life at the pond. Whatever will next Tuesday bring?”


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Wave by Suzy Lee ($15.99, hardcover, Chronicle Books LLC): The story of a little girl’s day at the beach, with illustrations made of just two shades of watercolor, creating a vibrant story full of joy and laughter.


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Chalk by Bill Thomson ($15.99, hardcover, Amazon Children’s Publishing): “the story of three children who find a bag of magical chalk at the playground on a rainy day. Their drawings come to life, which seems great when a drawing of the sun stops the rain, but is scary when a dinosaur stalks them. A drawing of a rain cloud inside a play tube brings the rain back and dissolves the frightening creature.”


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