Book Review – I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean

This is the final book review in the “Wild Things” series of blog posts.

Jacket2I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry ($12.67, hardcover, Penguin Young Readers Group) is a delightful book that keep your little ones giggling.  A bright blue giant squid with huge amounts of hubris points out all the ocean creatures that are smaller than him.  After all, he is a giant squid, so he must be the biggest thing in the ocean.  The squid’s pointy head and large eyes easily diffuse any off-putting arrogance.  The arrival of a monstrously large whale who swallows the squid and other sea creatures causes the squid to reconsider his “biggest thing” statement, until he realizes that he is the biggest thing inside the whale.  The refrain “I’m bigger than…” will have children reading along with you, while Sherry’s bold but simple water color and paper collage artwork will have them begging for repeated readings.


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