Book Review – This Book Just Ate My Dog!

It isn’t often that I giggle out loud while reading a children’s book.  Smile?  Yes.  “Awwwww!”  Yes.  But not giggle.  Richard Byrne’s This Book Just Ate My Dog ($16.99, hard cover, Henry Holt) caused me to do all three.

9781627790710Bella sets out for a walk with her dog on a leash.  She makes it to the second page, but her pet doesn’t.  He disappears into the gutter of the book!  The narrator describes the multiple attempts to solve the mystery of the disappearing dog.  A note appears, and the reader has a chance to save the day.

Using cartoon style illustrations in shades of red and blue and simple text, Byrne creates a lively, interactive story that little ones and adults will enjoy reading.  The book promises not to be naughty, but be careful it doesn’t eat your dog, too!


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