Going Up! – 08.24.15

Documenting the progress on the dorm construction across the street from the Best Practices office is addictive.  Since I have been on the road traveling and conducting trainings, Sarah has taken over photographic duties.  She sent me these three photos for today’s blog post.  She just couldn’t take only one!  Remember to click on the photo to see it full sized.


0818August 18: A rain shower affected the work on site.  If you look closely, you can see workers huddling under the giant slab that is dangling from the crane.  Any type of cover will work, I suppose!  Doesn’t this violate some kind of safety code???


0820August 20: Sarah took this picture from outside of the training room at our office instead of her own office window.  The angle shows more of the construction progress and seems more impressive.  I am still curious about the prefabricated walls that include the brick work.  How is that work done, I wonder?  Are people still employed to complete that masonry work using awls and mortar, but off site instead of on the work site?  Or is it more automated that that?


0821August 21: Just a day later, the work has progressed quite a bit.  A big difference in one day!  Sarah commented that the crane operator is working blindly.  He can’t see where he is moving the large wall slabs.  There must be someone who has radio contact with him, providing guidance for how to move the slabs into place.


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