Challenging Exceptionally Bright Children in PreK Classrooms

Children come into our classrooms at many levels of proficiency. Not only do children develop at different rates, many are provided rich experiences in the years before they enter school. Others are not. This is nothing new to teachers.

We teachers want to be sure that all of our children are challenged in our classrooms and grow and develop to their full potentials in the year they spend with us. Sometimes, though, we are not really sure how to best meet the needs of the children at two ends of the learning spectrum: children who need extra support to meet expectations and children who are exceptionally bright.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 2.22.02 PMBest Practices recently produced and published a Teacher Tips Video that will provide you with ideas for meeting the needs of the exceptionally bright children in your classroom. It is available on the PreK Webinars page at the Bright From The Start website, where you will also find links to other useful webinars and Teacher Tips Videos.

The “Challenging Exceptionally Bright Children” video is about 35 minutes long and includes information on
1. characteristics of exceptionally bright young children
2. assessment methods for identifying exceptionally bright young children
3. classroom practices and strategies
4. working with families of exceptionally bright children
5. available resources for learning more.


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