The Learning Station – A Great Place for Music

Much of the music we use during Best Practices trainings with Georgia PreK teachers can be found at The Learning Station. At their website, you can shop for CDs, register for conferences, read their blog, and download handouts and activities. They post new videos weekly at their YouTube channel. Here’s “Get Funky”, one of my favorites.

Possible Georgia Pre-K Connections: Music and Movement is a required part of the Pre-K day in Georgia. It can serve to improve students’ gross-motor movement skills, develop an appreciation for music, and build literacy and numeracy skills.

Possible GELDS Connections:
PDM5.4a: Coordinates movements to perform more complex tasks.
PDM5.4b: Demonstrates coordination and balance in a variety of activities.
SED5.4e: Shows respect for peers’ personal space and belongings.
APL3.4b: Practices to improve skills that have been accomplished.
CR1.4a: Uses dance to express thoughts, feelings and energy. Uses dance as an outlet for creativity.
CR3.4a: Uses familiar rhymes, songs or chants, and musical instruments to express creativity.


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