Depicted here is a sign that give directions to the restroom, to the elevator, and to the stroller area. This sign is easily readable and clearly visible. The bathroom sign […]

Detailed Maps

Here are two images of the Lenox Mall Directory. It is color coordinated by different shopping sections, it depicts each level, and also has a list of every store in […]

4th of July at Lenox Annotated Bib

Mayeux, Louis. “4th to Sparkle With Peachtree Pace, Lenox Fireworks.” patch.com. N.p., 3 July 2011. Web. Louis Mayeux, seasoned journalist and Path staff member, writes an article by the name […]

Photo taken near 5 points station
Photo taken near 5 points station

While sitting in front of the station I turned around and noticed this lonely guy. I Tried to identify his purpose or who he was but there was no indications. […]