Digital Built Environment Description: Metro Atlanta Chambers

screen shot of MAC's homepage
screen shot of MAC’s homepage

On Sunday April 3, from 1:30pm to 2:25 I observed the digital built environment of the Metro Atlanta Chamber website, who’s url is displayed below.

            I began my observation on M.A.C.’ s homepage an observed the following things: the main page is not “static” it is strolling somewhat like a blog, the letters “M” “A” and “C” within the title are colored burnt orange instead of black, perhaps to bring emphasis on these letters. There are also a number photos displayed on the main page. Among those photos is a picture of a black male and what looks to be his son and daughter in front of their home. This photo is titled “Atlanta’s Low Cost of Living”. There’s another photo with a group of presumably younger individuals sitting around a diner table. However, there is no food on the table, or no paper work. Maybe to display and idea of how “easy business is”. In this photo there are three males (two white and one black) and one female (black).


Though out the rest of my observation I explored each of the tabs displayed at the top of the page. There are seven tabs and they’re labeled, “About Us”, “What We Do”, “Newsroom”, “Life in Atlanta”, “Members”, “Calendar”, and “Contact”. Here are a few things I found within these tabs: under “About Us” I found other links leading to their history, their staff members, careers, and a few others. I noticed that next to their “Careers” tab there’s a photo of two white males shaking hands.

From here I clicked on the “Meet our Chair and Leaders” and from their I clicked on the “Key Officers and Committee Leaders” option.  Once here I noted there are 22 individuals. Of those 22 individuals three of them are women and only two of the individuals are black. After moving on to the next tabs I encountered the “Start Your Business” page. It’s located under the “What We Do” tab under the “Start Your Business” icon. On this page I found a description on how M.A.C. can start your business, a photo of a black male possibly proposing a business plan to a white male, and an advertisement of “low costs of doing business”.


While searching through the site I realized that there where a great amount of photos of Atlanta in a very illuminated light and also they also showed major touristic sites within Atlanta. I saw no pictures of the country parts of the states or even suburbanized areas, only the city.

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