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Technical Report 21
Joint Attention Skills Assessment:  Initiating and Responding to Sounds and Sights

Lauren B. Adamson, Ashleigh Kellerman, Katharine Suma, Sarah Vogt, Anita Hasni, and Roger Bakeman (May 24, 2016)

This technical report describes multimodal and auditory tasks designed to assess Initiating Joint Attention (IJA) and Responding to Joint Attention (RJA) skills of typically developing children and children at risk for autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders, who are approximately 12 to 48 months of age.  This report includes a description of the tasks, procedures for administering the assessment, and criteria for scoring.

Technical Report 26
The Communication Play Protocol

Lauren B. Adamson & Roger Bakeman (October 12, 2016)

This Technical Report describes the Communication Play Protocol (CPP), a semi-structured observational context that is designed to display how a young child communicates with an adult.  The child and his or her parent, or other primary caregiver, are videotaped during the Communication Play so that observations may be subsequently transcribed and/or coded.

Technical Report 25.4
The Joint Engagement Rating Inventory (JERI)

Katharine Suma, Roger Bakeman, and Lauren B. Adamson (March 14, 2024)

This technical report describes items designed for rating video-recorded observations of children interacting with a caregiver. Usually the child is between 12- and 42 months of age, but some of the items are likely useful for older children with developmental delays. Usually the child’s partner is a parent, but the items can also be used with other partners (e.g., guardians, grandparents, teachers, and even peers). To acknowledge most of this potential range of partners, we use the term caregiver throughout this report.