IPCI-II Certification

Staff who administer and score IPCI must meet standards showing that they have received the appropriate training, practiced the procedures, and passed two video coding exercises with high level reliability, meeting certification criterion of 80% with no critical omissions or errors.

Prior to certification, trainees must review the manual thoroughly before moving on to complete the list of certification training suggestions outlined in the manual.

Scoring Certification procedures include coding for the presence of IPCI domain items during one pre-recorded 10-minute caregiver-child interaction and one 10-minute caregiver-infant interaction. In order to check reliability and receive certification feedback scores, corresponding observation tracking forms are sent to IPCI master coders at the Mark Chaffin Center for Healthy Development. 

To obtain Administration Certificationthree administration videos should be submitted for review by a gold standard assessor. At least two administrations must meet certification criterion of 80% with no critical omissions or errors.

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