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“College Residence and Academic Performance: Who Benefits From Living on Campus?” College Residence and Academic Performance: Who Benefits From Living on Campus? Web. 05 Feb. 2016. >.

In this article Professors, Ruth N. López Turley and Geoffrey Wodtke discuss the effects of living on campus for college freshman and how it promotes a variety of desirable outcomes for the students’. The view that these two professors have on this particular research is unbiased and provides various details on how someone’s GPA and the change they experience living on campus versus those who live off campus with family. What’s intriguing about this article is that it explores the different factors you take into account when comparing the benefits of one over the other such as what type of college it is, the various types of students that attend the college, and the ethnic background of the larger population. This article ties into how the built environment impacts the lives of the people who inhabit within it. The source of this article does not take a good stand on the following subject but provides great information on the studies that were taken.


Watson, Jaye. “Metro Atlanta Mom Writes Why White Parents Won’t Choose Black Schools.”11Alive. N.p., 10 Oct. 2015. Web. 05 Feb. 2016.

In the story aired by 11Alive last year, this woman named Abby Norman who is the mother of two kids, and an English teacher who lives in an Atlanta area with white residents posted a blog about racism and education. Mrs. Norman, who sends her kindergartner to the neighborhood school, was told by many of her white neighbors not to send her children there. In the post she wrote on her blog, she says “This summer, when I told the other moms at the pool where my kids went to school. I was repeatedly told to move them. This from women who had never set foot in my school. They had not had contact with our deeply passionate, and very responsive principal, had not met the pre-k teachers who my daughter loves more than Santa.” Although Mrs. Norman would voice her opinion to these other moms, the criticism was still there. This article does an excellent job of showing how race means nothing, as long as your child is receiving a great education and meets friendly people that will show her the right direction, the color of your will never matter because we are all equal.


Oakley, Deirdre. Ruel, Erin. Reid, Lesley. “Atlanta’s Last Demolitions and Relocations: The Relationship Between Neighborhood Characteristics and Resident Satisfaction.” Housing Studies. 28.2(2013): 205. Advanced Placement Source. Web. 5 Feb, 2016.

In this article written by three Sociology professors, they discuss how moving lower income communities to better neighborhoods will increase their happiness, ability to make money and have a stable job, and their helpfulness to society. The people who were relocated were moved to safer areas, which allowed them to live happier and longer lives. This move caused a tremendous drop in the crime rate for that particular area and the whole city as well. The authors wrote this journal to inform people on how changes to an environment can change the person and their whole attitude and demeanor. This article gave me more insight on how I want to help stop crime in the low-income areas around and outside of Atlanta.

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