ENGL 3130 Business Writing


To:         Mr. Gammill
From:    Andrew Walsh
Date:      Monday, 02/23/15
Subject: Correspondence Suite

For this assignment I wrote a “blast” policy email message to employees of a fictional research company, an inquiry letter to my internship mentor, and a complaint letter to the general manager at Steel Restaurant & Lounge.

“Blast” policy email message

In my “blast” policy email message, I tried to use a professional tone to express new policies put forth by the company. In this scenario, the company has provided communication technologies (email, phones, and messaging services) for the employees. I divided the policies into different sections and used numbered lists to increase readability. The section titles are informative and allow employees to quickly locate information.

In the policies, I focused on the company’s expectations for email etiquette to make sure employees maintain a certain level of professionalism when using that medium. I addressed work-place ethics to ensure that the company-provided communication technologies are not used to offend, harass, or create a threatening environment for employees.

The policies for consequences of misusing the technologies, personal use, and company monitoring are all very straight forward. I didn’t feel the need to create a complicated system for punishments. The policy for personal use is lenient and not terribly restrictive. The policy for monitoring maintains is not overly intrusive.

Inquiry or special request letter

This letter could be part of an ongoing conversation with my internship mentor, Dr. Kim. This weekend she sent me about fifty survey forms, for which she wanted me to type the responses, and a chapter for an anthology that she is putting together.

I began the inquiry letter with a greeting, letting Dr. Kim know that I had received the files she sent me. I asked one question about the formatting of the survey forms. I included that question in the same text block as the previous sentence rather than bulleting or numbering it. There are three questions about the anthology chapter. I wrote those in a bulleted list to make them easier to read.

For the bulleted list of question, I tried to make them as specific as possible. The second question could have been broken into smaller units, but I don’t think that would be necessary. There are only four questions in the inquiry, which I feel is a manageable number.

While I didn’t offer inducement for Dr. Kim to answer my questions, I think it is implied that if she does choose to answer them, she will benefit because the work I submit to her will be done more thoroughly and accurately.

I close by thanking her for her help. I also included a reference to the weather. As a Korean American, Dr. Kim usually includes some sort of reference to the weather or the season either in her introductions or in her closings. My use of a weather-specific reference is part of international business correspondence.

I used the address for the Center for Pan Asian Community Services that is posted on their website under contact information.

Complaint letter

I wrote my complaint letter to the general manager of Steel Restaurant & Lounge regarding poor service and a double charge. The goal of my letter is to get a refund for both of the charges to my card, with hopes that the general manager will respond positively.

I opened by giving a short background on the situation (the date I went to the restaurant, the general time that I was there, and what I ordered). Next, I explained the error. Finally, I made a request to have the charges reversed.

The letter is short and to the point. It does not dwell on the poor service, but it may subtly draw attention to the quality of service that other customers are receiving, whether it is the fault of the wait staff, kitchen staff, or both.

In this situation I might include a copy of the receipt so the charge can be found more easily.

The contact information for the restaurant is available under the “Contact” section of their website. I chose to address it to Miles Kirk, the general manager, rather than Chuck Kneeland, the owner.

“Blast” policy email message

Employees of Walsh Research Limited:

Given our recent growth, this week we will be implemented new policies regarding company-provided communication technologies (emails, phones, instant messaging services). The policies are as follows:

Acceptable Use of Communication Technologies

  1. All business-related emails should be free of errors and maintain a professional tone.
  2. When emailing someone who does not know you personally, include a signature block that contains:
    1. First and last name
    2. Position
    3. Email address
    4. Phone number
  3. Make emails concise.
  4. Respond to messages in a timely manner (no more than two business days).
  5. Follow up when a response is not received in a timely manner.
  6. Avoid using the “Reply All” function on email unless necessary or intended.
  7. Use instant messaging for inquiries that require an immediate response.

Unacceptable Use of Communication Technologies

  1. No offensive or harassing language regarding race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious or political beliefs.
  2. Do not use company email, texting, or messaging services to send sexually explicit messages or images.
  3. Do not use company email for personal gain.
  4. Do not use company email and messaging services to circulate chain letters/emails, jokes, and other non-work related material.
  5. Do not use email, messaging, or texting to send confidential or sensitive information; instead, deliver the message in person.
  6. Avoid using instant messaging to communicate with non-company personnel.

Consequences for Unacceptable Use of Communication Technologies

Consequences may include termination, suspension, or transfer. Less serious violations may consist of a warning. The severity or punishment will be directly related to the seriousness of the offense.

Personal Use

Because Walsh Research Limited has provided company emails, phones, and messaging services, employees are expected to use these technologies primarily for business-related purposes. Personal use is acceptable, but it must:

  1. not interfere with or impede Andrew Walsh Inc.’s business
  2. not interfere with an employee’s job performance
  3. be occasional and minor
  4. be discontinued at the request of management

Security and Monitoring

  1. Walsh Research Limited will have access to all employee usernames and passwords for company-provided email and messaging services.
  2. Walsh Research Limited will not monitor email and messaging services, but reserves the right to review any message or file sent or received.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Walsh Research Limited
690 Durant Place NE
Atlanta, GA 30308
(678) 559-7064

Inquiry or special request letter

February 23, 2015

Dr. Jung Ha Kim
Center for Pan Asian Community Services
3510 Shallowford Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30341

Dear Dr. Kim,

I have received the scanned survey forms as well as the Pae chapter of the anthology.

I have already typed out the survey answers, put them into an Excel file, and counted the total number of responses for each answer type. Is this information okay in an Excel file, or would you prefer to have it in a different format?

I also have a few questions regarding the Pae chapter:

  • What style should the chapter adhere to? (MLA, APA, etc.)
  • Have you decided on any standards for font, style of chapter title, style of headings/subheadings, page numbers, etc.?
  • When would like my revision of the chapter to be completed?

Thanks for your help. Stay warm.


Andrew Walsh
Student, Georgia State University
Class of 2015
(678) 559-7064

Complaint letter

February 23, 2015

Miles Kirk
Steel Restaurant & Lounge
950 West Peachtree St, Suite 255
Atlanta, GA 30309

Subject: Double Charged For Meal

On February 21, I came to Steel Restaurant & Lounge for dinner and ordered the combination fried rice. I asked my waiter to have it made with shrimp only.

When my meal came out, the fried rice had shrimp, chicken, and steak in it. I asked the waiter to have it remade. When he brought it out again, it had no meat at all. I paid for the meal, but when I checked my bank statement this morning, I noticed that I have been charged twice.

I have enclosed a copy of my receipt. I would like a full refund for both charges to my account.


Andrew Walsh
Student, Georgia State University
Class of 2015
(678) 559-7064

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