Unit 4 Assignment 1: Halloween

Hello everyone, welcome back to my GSU blog. In this blog, I am gonna talk about Unit 4 Assignment 1 part 4. Which is to discuss the search results that I got from search Topic. My search Topic was Halloween for this Assignment. I am a huge fan of Halloween and the entire month of October is very interesting to me.

For this assignment the search engines that I used were: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The Meta-Search Engines I used were: Dogpile, Kartoo, and Turbo Scout. Although, finding the main search engines were no challenge at all finding some good Meta-Search Engines was a challenge. A lot of the Meta-Search Engines sometimes did not give any search results and just came out blank. The main similarity between the search engines was that they all gave information according to what I had searched. Not only that almost all of the search engines have similar search results. The difference of this would be the time it took to find good results. Although I only put in the first five search results I did look at the search results much further from the five and noticed that only Google and Bing had good search results. The Meta-Search Engines as well as Yahoo barely had anything that I could use. The main difference and flaw would be of the Meta-Search Engines. These Meta-Search Engines were not as useful even though they did have a lot of similarities but I doubt I would ever use these Meta-Search Engines as most of the results that popped were just ads that I had no use for whatsoever.

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