Ponce City Market’s Web Environment

When first entering the web page, I immediately was drawn to the words, “Ponce City Market,” and then “Come see,” followed by, “Endless Possibilities.” These words make the market seem to be a positive place just based of the positivity in the diction and the bright attractive colors used. After initially reading those words I saw the menu at the top where I could find more information organized by category. “News” and “Events” being center drew my eyes to them first, which is convenient because of the importance of keeping up with what is going on with the establishment in which the website is dedicated to.

The web page is very clean cut with only black, white, blue, and orange color, other than the bottom of the page where a photo gallery resides. These colors are visually pleasing and decreases distraction when reading off of the page. The typography changes throughout the page but keeps a very clean cut theme similar to the color scheme. Mostly block like lettering fills the page with accents of cursive like font.

As I scroll down the page I got a preview of what the different tabs in the menu might include. A brief description of the establishment and its history is located in one of many organizational blocks down the page. Next to the description, in a separate block, there is a link to a specific upcoming event.  More blocks are filled with events, videos, and photos. This method of organization makes it easier to differentiate the many sections.

The main page is very simple and aside from the description and a few other side notes, each section is kept to just a few word descriptions and then linked to another page with more information. This is very helpful to for me to navigate and find what I want without having to read extensively.