Blog Revisions

Once completed with the initial survey, I realized that I had a few major flaws in my web site that needed to be addressed. The first thing I went through and fixed was the lack of tags in a few of my posts. While I had tags for all of my posts, there was room for more detailed tags to draw more traffic through the page. I then went through each of my posts and changed the title to be more descriptive of the piece rather than the generic titles I previously had like, “Reading Summary #1.” I changed both of these so that my submissions could be more accessible and easily found by my peers.


What I wasn’t able to revise, but I would like to address, includes multi-media. A few of my posts did indeed include a photo or two, but as a whole my blog is pretty bare. More images would provide more detail to my posts and make the over all look of my blog more attractive. Just like the need for more media my blog could use more structure and design. I wish I had taken the time to play around with the theme of the blog and font to create a different atmosphere. Currently my blog is just a collection of information, whereas if it had been designed differently it could create a completely different tone and message with each of its posts.