Immigration Arrests Drop at Mexican Border for Second Straight Month

This article discusses the sharp decrease in people trying to cross the border in 2017 and the reasons for why that may be. One of the reasons given is due to hotter weather, so most people tend to travel during the cooler seasons. Other reasons that Nixon mentions is that it may be due to the fact that Trump has largely steeped up his immigration policies and therefore, people are starting to become discouraged to even attempt to cross the border, given the added obstacle of border security. The author continues on by saying that the way immigration is handled is essentially still being worked out because different policies attempting to step up control of illegal immigration has resulted in many families being separated from each other. This, of course, complicates things even more, so those policies have been loosened a bit. The overall tone was positive, meaningless criticism of the group of people, but more emphasis on how broken the immigration policies are. The language used here is vastly different from most of the articles that I have come across; with the author using language such as “families”, “children”, “adults”, which ultimately humanizes these people more and creates a less negative perception of them.

Facing The Facts on Illegal Immigration

This article talked about how a lot of the information that Trump mentions about Mexican immigration is inaccurate. It discusses how the language that people use such as “The border needs to be secured” as well as a lot of rhetoric that Trump uses seems to create an idea about immigration that isn’t really there, and that is somewhat warped from what the facts really are on the issues of immigration. The tone of this article is rather neutral. While the author criticizes the fact that a lot of what people think they know about Mexican immigration is false, he still gives an idea for how illegal immigration can b better handled without wasting so many millions of dollars on it. He also emphasizes the fact that it should become more accepted that the border will not be 100% secure simply because of the length of it.