To better organize my blog, I first began organizing all of my blog posts into separate categories. These categories include Class Prep, Exploring Atlanta (my personal category), Major Projects, SOS, and the default Uncategorized. Under Major Projects, I have two child categories Annotated Bibliography and Built Environment Descriptions. Built Environment is the parent blog for my BED 1 Artifacts as well as all future artifacts I will post.

Each post on my blog also has relevant tags attached to it to allow easy searching. If a major project post is the first of its kind, it will most likely have a tag saying so, such as #BED1 or #AB1. I also customized the actual look and appearance of my blog. I edited the settings to show categories, tags, and recent posts on the sidebar of the front page. The footer of my blog contains a search bar, recent comments, recent posts, and a list of my blog’s pages. Another way I customized my blog’s appearance was by changing the header image to a picture I took walking down the streets of Atlanta, and I also changed the color scheme of my blog to compliment the header image.