The Southside Beltline Trail, which has yet to be developed on any level, was a fascinating sight to see. Kudzu and weeds alike surround the entire area. Despite the vast overgrowth that exists, a trail was clearly engrained in the soil from numerous adventurers’ feet. The trail was not easy to walk due to the intense plant life growing over it and around it, however this definitely added to the experience. Hikers beware: pants are necessary to travel this path. Thorns and insects thrive in this environment, as many of my classmates experienced. The railroad itself is barely visible under the massive growth in this area, which contrasts greatly from the mostly developed parts of the Beltline Trail. The potential for this site is unimaginable, yet very possible. To think that the completed Eastside Beltline Trail came from a site much like this one is nothing less than incredible.