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Beltline: Perkerson Park (Extra BED; Description)


Perkerson Park turned out to be my favorite park that I visited. The park is absolutely huge, and has many things to do. The park is very fully encapsulated by surrounding neighborhoods, which I assume is where most of the visitors come from. The full frisbee golf course, multiple softball fields, outstanding playgrounds, useful recreation buildings, nice utilities, and beautiful scenery all make this park worth the visit. While D.H. Stanton had a great feel to it, Perkerson does as well, but with a better feeling of nature and scenery. Plentiful trees and the beautiful stream make it a very woodsy park. On the day I visited, the park was mostly empty. However, it was easy for me to imagine the families and groups of people that most likely come and visit this park, and use it for various activities. I believe parks like this one make a great addition to the connectivity and innovation that the Beltline hopes to accelerate, and that they are very beneficial additions to neighborhoods and cities. Some of downtown Atlanta’s parks are less than appealing, and tend to either be underused, under kept, bland, or all of the above. Perkerson Park, however, proves how a city park should be. A city is a city, and that means the environment has very little trees, nature, water, etc. A park’s job is to create an appealing environment for citizens to enjoy, as well as provide a location for people to partake in activities that there may be no space for in the city. Perkerson Park perfectly defines this kind of park, and that’s why it belongs on the trail of the Beltline.

Beltline: Perkerson Park (Extra BED; Artifact 5)

The video above shows a short clip of one of the most prominent sounds I experienced at Perkerson Park. dsc_0152 dsc_0151

These images show the stream itself, and an example of one of the multiple bridges placed throughout the park that allow park visitors and frisbee golf players to cross over the stream.

I have always loved the sight and sound of running streams, and this park brought me back to my childhood some. Both the immense amount of trees and the stream brought a very nature-oriented feel to this park.

Beltline: Perkerson Park (Extra BED; Artifact 4)

dsc_0143dsc_0148 dsc_0150 dsc_0149

One thing that stood out to me in this park were three humungous pavilions/buildings that appeared to be meant for special events and other recreational activities. The first two images show the building, which I did not get to take a picture of the interior, but it looked very nicely built and appeared to have a basement. The third and fourth images show different pavilion type structures with plenty of seating, trash cans, and grills. The fourth image, if looked at closely, also shows a few men I witnessed filming what appeared to be a music video. The amount of opportunity in this park is very clear with these structures and the environment they are in. The park is undoubtedly an attractive place for the surrounding neighborhoods, families, and communities.

Beltline: Perkerson Park (Extra BED; Artifact 3)

dsc_0174 dsc_0177 dsc_0176 dsc_0175

One of the most peculiar aspects of the park was the seemingly hidden full set of softball/baseball fields. Through my online research, I saw that one of the attractions for Perkserson Park were the softball fields, but I truly could not find a way to access them. I discovered there was an entirely other entrance to the park from a different neighborhood after several minutes of searching. The fields were beautiful and made me want to play some softball like I did with my family when I was a kid. There were signs about the place about different teams, answering the question of why these fields even existed. Compared to the D.H. Stanton softball field, these fields appeared to be built for competitive and recreational use, with scoreboards, high fencing, and nice dugouts, towers, and lights. The fields proved to be yet another amazing attraction in Perkerson Park.

Beltline: Perkerson Park (Extra BED; Artifact 2)

dsc_0144 dsc_0145dsc_0142 dsc_0141

Perkerson Park’s playground may have defeated D. H. Stanton’s in regards to both size and quality. The first two images show two different playground sets with various sets of monkey bars, slides, and activities. On the weekday afternoon that I visited the park, the playgrounds were entirely empty. However, it’s easy to imagine groups of children playing around on the swings and the monkey bars after school in this neighborhood park. The park did an awesome job of making the park feel both kid-friendly and attractive to adults with the large pavilions and full frisbee golf course.

Beltline: Perkerson Park (Extra BED; Artifact 1)


The structure of Perkerson Park is created around a full frisbee golf course. The individual holes are well hidden among the parks plentiful forestry and running streams. It took several minutes of exploring for me to even realize there was a frisbee golf course at all. The holes are marked by patches of turf used as tees, as pictured in the fourth image. As I walked around, a group of frisbee golfers casually played a match. They seemed to have visited the park often. The entire course consists of 18 holes placed throughout the park. It was undoubtedly an interesting addition to an urban park such as Perkerson.

D.H. Stanton Park (BED 2)

D.H. Stanton Park is one of the nicest parks I have ever stepped foot in.

The facilities, atmosphere, appearance, and location of this park make it extremely appealing. Whether you want an open field to kick a soccer ball around, a softball field to play kickball in, grills to have a cookout, playgrounds for your kids to play on, a track for you to run, or just a place to casually hangout with friends, this park provides it all. I sounded a little bit like an infomercial there, but it’s true! It is quite refreshing to see a park that is not just a patch of grass and some seats/sculptures, which from my experience, is the standard of a “park” in Atlanta.

On a Friday afternoon, the park was nearly completely empty. It was extremely peaceful, beautiful, and impressive to me. I found the location of the park convenient for the neighborhoods it was close to, considering it had three separate walking entrances. In regards to this, I found it difficult to find somewhere to park. This might be an intentional decision to the designer, and if it were, I see why. The entire park embodies the ideas of being active and healthy. Driving there would kind of defeat the point wouldn’t it?

The facilities present in this park along with the atmosphere it brings reminded me exactly of the social and cultural expectations of a project like the Beltline. This park has the potential to bring all sorts of people together, doing all sorts of activities: and that’s exactly what the Beltline does daily. I truly loved this park, and I think I would enjoy going back on a busier day with some friends and/or family.

D.H. Stanton Park (BED 2, Artifact 7)

The above videos show the sounds and sights of the park more effectively than pictures can. The first one I began to record when a family of four showed up and began to play on the playground with their two small daughters. Previously, the only people I had come in contact with were a lady and her dog, and a man on his bicycle riding through. It was nice to see a family actually taking advantage of the facilities this park brings.

D.H. Stanton Park (BED 2, Artifact 6)

dsc_0125 dsc_0124 dsc_0123 dsc_0122 dsc_0121 dsc_0120The softball field at D.H. Stanton was extremely cool to me. It reminded me so much of memories I have as a kid playing kickball with my family. The field lacked any fencing besides the small section behind home plate, and it lacked any bases besides home. The dirt and the grass looked like they had barely been touched. What shocked me the most was the incredibly nice dugouts and watchtower! That thing is two stories tall with a concession stand. This recreational field for a family-oriented park is better designed than most of the soccer fields I played club soccer on growing up. I found the existence of a field like this, along with a track for walking and running, to be successful attempts at promoting healthier lifestyles to the neighborhoods nearby.

D.H. Stanton Park (BED 2, Artifact 5)

dsc_0106 dsc_0105dsc_0099dsc_0100

I believed that the little aspects of this park created a great contribution to its atmosphere. The beautiful, colorful sculpture pictured above, the curving rail tunnel along the sidewalk, and shiny, metallic infrastructure pieces that made the lamps and the benches look nice and clean: these seemingly small things contributed greatly to the park. They made the park not just a place for a recreation, but a place to admire for its beauty.

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