This past week, I’ve made many connections between the English class and the seminar, especially because the assignment we worked on in Dr. Wharton’s class required us to gather sources on different parts of the Atlanta region. I had to collect data and resources for the Atlanta Beltline, and along the way I read some interesting pieces on the different transitions of Atlanta through time. I read one specific article that described how Atlanta lacks a certain “flavor” that many other big American cities have, such as New York or Chicago. I believe that in a way, Atlanta is trying to gain some of that flavor back, and by attending this school and, specifically, by taking these classes, we will be able to see the true “flavor” of Atlanta.

Also, the more reading I do, the more I seem to notice the true affect urban sprawl has had on the metro Atlanta area. I am taking a non-cluster course for my major, criminal justice, and I had to read a novel this week about suburban drug dealers. The novel, which has absolutely nothing to do with this course, talked about the major effects urban sprawl has had both on the city itself and on the people.

Urban renewal projects in Atlanta such as the new parks, the Beltline, and Ponce City Market are an interesting attempt at making the city a better place to live and be in. I think it’s important for us to be able to take a step back, and acknowledge the complicated past of Atlanta’s infrastructure changes/projects. I for certain do not know enough about urban infrastructure to know what sort of improvements need to be made to improve the city, but I am hoping to learn more as the courses continue.