Practice G.O

Compare GSU learning spaces to the spaces discussed in this article. What do you think of GSU’s current learning environment?

T: The spaces in this article describe of places of low levels privacy and high levels of flexibility, versus GSU’s maximum privacy and nonexistent flexibility which put students at a disadvantage.

I: Flexible furniture and seating allows for students to easily rearrange elements of the classroom to facilitate conversation ¬†and creativity. Georgia State University’s classrooms consist exclusively of stacked desks and lecture halls, inhibiting group work and creative thinking.

II: Open warehouse like spaces enable students to come together for the “generation of wonderful ideas” (Lange paragraph 1). Georgia State’s extremely private classrooms inhibit students from open communication.

C: Innovative campus designs discussed in this article describe a learning environment that fosters a sense of innovation and creativity that better prepare students for the workplace. Georgia State’s campus follows a traditional campus plan that constricts students from open conversation and community building which lowers levels of creative thinking.

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