Inman Park Neighborhood’s Sense of Community

I experienced Inman Park neighborhood for the first time on a sunny October afternoon. Immediately upon being immersed into this residential utopia, I felt something I have not yet experienced in my time living in Atlanta. I felt part of a well connected community.

Inman Park uses a Butterfly symbol to express unity. There is one specific butterfly that is most commonly displayed as a flag, that is portrayed on the front of the majority of the homes in the neighborhood.










Though this yellow and black butterfly is the most iconic, residents express their patronage to their neighborhood through use of many other butterflies as well. Butterflies are expressed on security signs, paintings, and printed on pillows. All of these artifacts are visible to anyone who visits the area.

security signs are posted in front of every home in Inman Park neighborhood
butterflies printed on pillows placed on front porch
decorative model of a butterfly seen on the front of this home

Inman Park is a busy area that receives a great deal of foot traffic as well as car traffic. Prominent display of the butterfly offers the impression that most residents are proud of where they live and are part of the bigger Inman Park picture.

Though this was my first time visiting the area, the repetition of symbols made me feel I was somewhere comfortable and homey. The people who occupy these homes love their neighborhood, love their city, and are a patriotic members their community.

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