I made a blog!

Before this class, I never considered myself the blog type. As I began using a blog for educational purposes, I started to think of other areas of my life that a blog would be useful. I love reading about interior design and preplanning my future house, and until now I never put all of those thoughts, ideas, pictures, favorite websites, into one focused area for my reference. Though this blog is for personal use only, it is still a blog, even though I am its only intended audience. Over planning for the future has always been my coping mechanism for dealing with the present, and this is a glimpse into that side of my brain!

Before reading, it is vital to know that I have always always wanted a house of my own,¬†filled with lots of kids, pets, food, love, and laughter. I think how things will be, and how I will feel at this point in my life every day. I hope this isn’t weird…

I will post another link to this blog at the end of the semester to see more posts and improvements!


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