Class Notes 8/31

Q: What is a claim? 

A claim is a statement put forth as true that needs evidence to be convincing. A statement and how it functions in a context.

Q: What is a thesis?

The main claim of an argument. Can be multiple sentences long, can be in the second paragraph of your introduction. NOT a general thing, it is very much a SPECIFIC thing. Especially in academic writing. Example:

“Despite this deep theoretical understanding of the powerful role that architecture plays in crafting experience, practicing planners sometimes fail to afford sufficient weight to the concept of exclusion by design.”

Q: What is the Rhetorical Situation?

Audience: Readers of the Yale Law Journal. Scholars, upper class, privileged, lawyers, judges, students.

Author credibility: Yes, for her audience. Accredited in academic field.

Pathos example: Cynthia Wiggins

In posts: Add detail. Names, places, dates.

Assignment: send examples of Ethos, Pathos, Logos, Karios. 20pts per submission.

SUMMARY: communicate main ideas, moves and arguments, include a few key quotations or paraphrases, etc

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