Class Notes 8/29

Q: What are affordances? 

A: Enables someone to do something.

Q: What are constraints? 

A: Holds someone back from doing something.

Q: What is meant by genre?

A: About something particular

Q: What is the definition of a summary? 

Communicating your version of the main ideas of a text. The goal is to come as close to the original meaning as possible.

Q: What is the difference of a summary vs paraphrase? 

Summary is over a big text, paraphrase is over small text. Paraphrase answers the question, what does the author mean here?

Assignment Instructions:

  • Go through reading, annotate, and then just look at annotations and create summary from notes. Working off your understanding of the text. Cite everything.
  • Read parts 1 & 2
  • Read and annotate by Wednesday 8/31. Use Hypothesis. Create account. Google Chrome.
  • Copy link from article, paste it into hypothesis. Open side bar, tells you how to annotate. Highlight, options to annotate or highlight. Add tag to all of annotations that you want Mrs. A to see. #schindler …. need in order for her to score. “Post to public”
  • highlight annotate: questions, observations, memories, other readings, course concepts, thoughts. thinking that this work inspires in you.
  • Submitting, copy URL from #schindler thread and paste it into the form. Briefly describe. “number of posts and comments”
  • 10+ annotations and 10+ replies. Take things talked about and tie in classroom conversations.

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