**This video is a basic, user created video on how and why to use Tumblr. It has an interesting part in it that describes how to use HTML and I felt that it could highlight my point of the HTML usage**

Tumblr’s UX, or User Experience Design, UI, User Interface Design, and IA, Interface Architecture, are all widely liked accepted by its users. The blend well in a way that makes it a prime example of a good networking site.The UX and the UI work well together and make the website easier to use than even Facebook. The design, both on the website and the app, is very seamless. The color scheme on both the app and website platforms are easy on the eyes and neutral toned. Having the icons large and different colors on the website encourages users to share more content than they would if they icons were one color. On the app, organizing the feed with the navigation on the bottom allows users to take in as much content as possible, encouraging more use of the app. Overall, the UX and UI do a good job of presenting an easy-to-use website for its users. Tumblrs’ audience is mostly millenials; we love simple and easy apps and social media channels. If something takes to long to figure out, wer are less likely to get to know it – we would more likely find an easier alternative to it. 

When it comes to the Interface Architecture, Tumblr did a great job of not having too many subpages and extraneous pages or things to click. The pages and their subpages are few so that the website itself doesn’t detract from the interaction. Since Tumblr is a microblogging site, they have included different ways to customize pages. They made a good decision to have two ways for users to be able to do this: either with the basic options or by altering HTML settings, which is something that could be used for more advanced site users. This HTML feature was actually very popular in the early 2010’s, and people spent large amounts of time studying and learning how to change their HTML settings to make their page the best possible.

Download for the sitemap: sitemap (1)-pjh6ck.

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