Featured Guest: Jackie Sackey-El


Tumblr VS. Twitter

A little about myself. I am a GSU student majoring in marketing. With graduation approaching, I am beginning to think seriously about what it is I’m passionate about and what I really want to do.  I have career aspirations in Media (preferably television, and digital media). The popularity of digital media is amazing and gives everyone equal opportunity to be curate content and be seen.

 I also researched Tumblr for social media marketing midterm. While I agree with some of the comparisons Angela has made between Tumblr and Twitter. I have my own take on the two.

Angela was correct in the basic concepts of the two social media apps. You can post images, text, GIFS, and videos on both sites. But the design of each of the apps has significant differences. 

Tumblr does not have a word count limit the way twitter does. It leaves users to be much more creative. With the microblogging nature of Tumblr, it encourages users to be creative, use text and images combined to be artistic as well as share information. It is also good for a laugh. Twitter, on the other hand, is designed for short exchanges and to blurt out thoughts and short statements. Many Twitter users just blurt out random short thoughts on their timeline. Twitter also uses an interface that provides threads. These threads can get long and include replies and initially can be a bit confusing (not knowing to read from top to bottom or bottom to top). Tumblr is much more simple when it comes to their reblogging format. It’s much easier to follow the path of the reblogs. It’s almost similar to a long line of telephone. 

I agree with Angela about the fact that Tumblr has more features. You can post pictures, videos, quotes, GIFS, Audio, and links, it has a simpler interface and is easier to use. But I would say that without a doubt Twitter is much more popular at the moment. Twitter is able to stand the test of time along with the Facebooks and Instagram’s because of its text-based nature. It differentiates itself just enough to hold the user’s attention.

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