Who uses Tumblr?

As of July 2018, Tumblr had 425.7 million active blogs. This number has been on a steady incline since May of 2011, according to Statista. 


According to a 2015 study, 11% of female internet users and 10% of male internet users were users of Tumblr. Overall, Tumblr using is equally divided between men and women. This is different than other platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, where the users are comprised more of women than men. Twitter was seen to have more male users than female users. 


Most social media platforms are most popular with Millennials and Gen-Zers. Tumblr is no different. Like Instagram and Twitter, Tumblr’s audience is mostly comprised of young adults, with 20% being aged 18-29. The next highest age group was the 30-49 age group with 11%. From there the percentage of users trails off with less than 10% for users 50 and up.


By location, the United States had the largest regional distribution of online traffic to the Tumblr website. The United States had 33.2%, while the United Kingdom had 5.6%, Brazil had 4.44%, Canda had 4.15%, and Germany had 3.66%. There appeared to be more urban users than rural users. Sixteen percent of users lived in urban areas, while 8 percent were in suburban areas and 3 percent were in rural areas. According to Pew Research, along with a more urban-leaning audience, they also have a more college-educated audience. Their audience is comprised of people that either completed some college or attained a full degree. “Like most other social networking services, Tumblr tends to skew toward the urban and educated. Seven percent of urban Internet users say they use Tumblr, as does the same percentage of online users with college degrees.” (Pew Research)


The incomes of the users of Tumblr is very extreme, with the majority of them landing either on the $30,000 and under demographic and the $75,000 and over demographic. 16 % of users were a part of the $30,000 and under group, while 11% were a part of the 75,000+ group. Overall, there were more Tumblr users that earned $50,000 and less than $50,000 and up, which can lead you to believe that the Tumblr community is less affluent.

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