Tumblr vs ?

Created in 2007, Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking site. This website allows users to post different types of media, like videos, music, and GIFs, in addition to regular blog posts. You can either make your blog public or private and follow other users’ blogs, in addition to other great features.

Twitter is an online news and social networking site, created in 2006. The messages sent via this platform are called “Tweets.” The site used to have an infamous character limit of 140 characters, but this limit was doubled November of last year for most language except Japanse Korean and Chinese. Those with a Twitter account can post tweets but those without an account can only view them. Twitter has the option of tweeting via the app, website or through SMS. 

These two platforms are the same in that they both are microblogging sites. Tumblr and Twitter’s interfaces are different but they have features that are similar. Tumblr’s app interface is simple, with a large feed where you see your content, an icon where you can add different types of content to your blog, and navigation icons on the bottom of the screen. You can add content like quotes, GIFs, text, and more to your blog. The icons at the bottom of the screen are the home, search, activity & messages, and profile buttons. Twitter’s app interface is similar in the way that the screen is set up: feed on most of the screen, navigation on the bottom and new post icon on the bottom corner of the screen. the only difference is really between the last two navigation icons on the bottom: where Tumblr has the activity & messages icon, Twitter has the notifications icon and where Tumblr has the profile icon, Twitter has the direct messages icon.  Both interfaces are relatively simple, so I wouldn’t hold one over the other. I think that it would depend on personal preference as to which would be easier to use. I think personally, Twitter is easier for me to use, only because I spend more time on it.

When it comes to the features, I would say that Tumblr has more features. They have the ability to post more kinds of content. On Twitter you can post, images, videos, and polls. On. Tumblr you can post text, photos, quotes, links, chats, audio, and video. In this area, I feel that Tumblr has Twitter beat. 


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