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Lofts ends fall semester with huge success

This past Wednesday, November 29th, the Lofts Community Council put on yet another successful event. This event is their third of the semester and, like the others, drew a nice crowd. Roughly 30 people showed up to the open-mic night. There were light refreshments consisting of hot chocolate and cookies that could be decorated. The show was comprised of around ten performers, with talents ranging from singing and dancing to spoken word and poetry reading.

The Community Council puts a great deal of thought into planning and executing their monthly events. When asked what the creative process was like for the council, here’s what George, the public relations chair, had to say: “When we’re creating programs we spitball a few ideas during our meeting on Monday. Once we have a general idea, we go from there and people begin to chime in on how we can entice more people to come and how we’re going to meet the requirements we have to meet so that they’ll show up.” Those that attended the open mic could clearly see that the Community Council took the time and put in the effort for the holiday event.

The Community Council has been working hard this semester since being elected this past September. One of their big goals has been to make sure that the residents feel heard and to make life in the Lofts as enjoyable as possible. So far, they’ve done a good job of following up with the necessary people to get things fixed like the learning center computers and printer and the elevators. They have inspired residents to provide questions, comments, and concerns by providing a candy jar guess game at the front desk. Residents have the opportunity to win a jar of candy by guessing on slip of paper that is submitted via suggestion box. This suggestion box has proved very successful, with the box becoming full within 24 hours. They also have monthly Town Hall meetings. These are public forums where people can come and speak directly to the Community Council and any professional housing staff that may be there.

Residents have noticed the difference between this year’s community council and last year’s. The feedback has been great, and the Lofts Community Council has even more in store for next semester.

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