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News-feature writing assignment

Boxing Hunger: a night to raise awareness

By Angela Robinson

Boxing Hunger is an annual, fall semester event that takes place Georgi State University (GSU) each November. GSU’s University Housing department sponsors the activity that aims to spread awareness about homelessness and hunger during National Homelessness & Hunger Week. The program is very immersive and allows participation in different simulations, programs, and activities throughout the event.

This year, Boxing Hunger is held November 15, from 5pm until 10pm in the Commons Meeting Room in the University Commons dorm. The University Housing staff asks that participant bring donation items like non-perishables, toiletries, gently worn clothing and anything else they think will be useful. These items are exchanged for prizes to enhance the Boxing Hunger experience throughout the night.

One student spoke about how the experience opened her eyes and inspired her to make a change. “Before Boxing Hunger, I was not as aware of the magnitude of homelessness in Atlanta. It’s easy to become caught up in your own life and not notice the people constantly living outdoors around you.”

“After going to this event, I was aware of the struggles that homeless people go through that can also prohibit them from becoming housed. The experience made me want to do as much as I can, whether it’s giving them my leftovers to donating my old clothes,” she continued.

Typically, a lot of students can relate to this mindset. Being in college can be like being in a bubble, even in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

Other topics discussed at Boxing Hunger are poverty, food deserts and the struggles of government assistance. These are elements that most people don’t realize are related to homelessness.

“I was already aware of some of the facts surrounding homelessness around the city. The real shock came when learning about food deserts. I learned about how hard it is for poorer neighborhoods to obtain and afford healthier foods. It also can often be hard for lower-income families to stay on top of their benefits due to transportation costs, time conflictions with work and childcare, and even loss of benefits due to changes in regulations and requirements,” said another student.

These two accounts are representative of students who experience Boxing Hunger. Those who attend the event tend to return every year.

To participate in this educational, enriching event click on this link: