Annotated Bibliography #4

Cherry, Gordon E. “The Town Planning Movement and the Late Victorian City.” Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 4.2 (1979): 306–319. JSTOR. Web.

This source discusses the factors that influenced the planning of late Victorian cities such as the nature of capitalism of the period. While the one flaw for my purposes is that this article is specific to Britain, it relates to my chosen Interior Built Environment of the Rhodes Hall in that it was built in this same time period, and discusses some general topics that include the Rhodes Hall like the practice of model estate building by industrialists that were able to thrive at that time. This piece also covers the influence of many German “town-expansion” plans which is is relevant since Amos Giles Rhodes was inspired by Rhineland architecture and castles to build the Rhodes Hall in the manner that he did. All of this is important to keep in mind since much of Atlanta was rebuilt after being burnt in the Civil War (i.e. the Late Victorian Era) and the Rhodes Hall is one of the primary surviving examples of this architecture in the form of an “Garden City” style estate.