Annotated Bibliography #2

“The Demise of Queer Space? Resurgent Gentrification and the Assimilation of LGBT Neighborhoods.” N.p., n.d. Web. 5 Feb. 2016.

This article examines the Atlanta Metropolitan Area as a case study to analyze the effects of gentrification on the concentration of LGBT couples in different neighborhoods. It also covers race relations through the lens of this dispersion of gay and lesbian citizens of the city. The conclusion reached is that gentrification has served to price-out LGBT residents of the neighborhood of midtown and disperse them into other areas of the city, effectively diluting the gay and lesbian community and resulting in former LGBT neighborhoods to become less tolerant. Kirkwood was one of the traditionally Black neighborhoods that many gay and lesbian people moved to as midtown was becoming increasingly gentrified. This source also uses visual aides in the form of maps and charts displaying relevant data. This article would be very helpful to anyone trying to explore gentrification in Atlanta and its effects on distribution of same-sex couples throughout the city as well as the businesses and institutions that rely on them. While this article only mentions Kirkwood by name once, I chose it because it covers broader concepts that have definitely affected the neighborhood of Kirkwood. It also doesn’t reference any other articles I’ve written bibliographies but it does touch on a lot of the same problems discussed in Cities and Inequalities in a Global and Neoliberal World.

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