Georgia State Universities growth

Most people have noticed the growth of Georgia State University through out not only the last decade but you can even begin to see tremendous growth through as little as 5 years. Georgia State has become an increasingly recognized University for its untraditional campus, and the complications and advantages in which it entails. In addition to such recognition GSU plans to consolidate with GPC by January 2016. With all of the changes being implemented on campus, it was brought to the SIFs attention that it would be a great idea to share such changes/growth that the university has undergone by visually mapping it!

Through the process of mapping out the campus, the dorms/housing built, new facilities, and changes it was clear to see the sudden revamp of the university in such short time. Through such visualization it was easier to see the impact of change the campus has gone through, and as a student, I can personally sense the not so physical aspects of the university change. Its exciting to know that the university in which I am investing my time and money for an education seems to have such a bright and growing future ahead of it. When investing in this mapping project it only allowed for that much more visual validation on how Georgia State has been impacting downtown Atlanta’s dynamic.

As I continue to participate in research projects that work towards highlighting the exciting and impactful history of Atlanta and how it ties into Georgia State and its students, I gain a great appreciation for my educational experience here.

I’d like to continue to work on my mapping, coding, and research skills in order to see what other interesting and useful innovative tools I can create. Updates to come soon!


Until next time,


Alexandra Orrego


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