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The 3D Atlanta project has been the first project I have been assigned to as well as the most challenging. The goal of this project was to create a historically accurate interactive 3D model of the street block of Decatur Street and Ivy Street (Now Peachtree center Ave) as it would have been in from 1920-1930. The significance of this street relates to the historical value of Georgia State University’s campus. This street was known to be at the time the blues hub, where numerous famous blues artists had their beginning. Not only did it cater to the controversial African-American blues artist of the day but it was also a spectacle of all backgrounds, it was known to be Atlanta’s nightlife attraction. Theatre eighty-one housed famous vaudeville acts, moonshiners sold illegal alcohol during prohibition, prostitutes roamed the streets, and the decade’s latest fashions were sold all on this block that was then known as a red-light district. All of this controversy adds to the historical and unique integrity to the Georgia State University campus and to Atlanta.

While researching images and information for our street we came to several road blocks; because  of the taboo nature of the block there were very few photographs of the streets and the activities practiced around it. When attempting to create a 3D model of the street visual aid was crucial and this was a major concern. Luckily through much discussion and research we were able to overcome this eventually continue the project with momentum. Now with a significant amount of interactivity and a nicely populated virtual platform we are finally able to see our vision.

My end of the project was mostly research based and once the city block was finally created in the game engine, Unity, it was then time to incorporate further research into the interactive project. With a great effort from all project members we decided to have a newspaper type pop-up display when the user clicked on the object. Displayed on the newspaper is an array of Did You Know?… facts about the street and the time period. I did research on the prominence of clothing,shoe, and hat stores on the streets. Why was fashion so important, and what kind of trends supported this boom of fashion?

In my research I found that during this period, also known as the roaring 20’s fashion for women had drastically changed. Due to the women’s rights movement and the passing of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote, women began to push the boundaries on what had been traditionally socially acceptable. This included fashion. Instead of the conservative type of dress wear that had been traditionally worn for centuries, or instead of the long braided or put up hair, women had cut their hair short into what was called a bob- style that was barely to their shoulders, and they began to wear flashy knee length dresses. In addition to the now more revealing clothing and the short straight hair, women began to use make-up while previously make-up was associated with prostitutes. Not only was women’s fashion important at the time, but when were also expected to dress to impress. Men wore classic suits with dress shoes and they usually finished off their look with a trendy hat. This was expected from men as to society a  well dressed man in a suit signified wealth and class.

I believe that this boom in fashion and nightlife can be closely correlated to the businesses that lined this infamous street. So much can be found and said from just one clue of information.

I look forward to continue to gain knowledge and experience, through this innovative project!

Until next time,

Alexandra Orrego

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  1. good job for your project, can you share how you build that design?

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