Elisa and her Medication


Elisa Lam autopsy came back and showed that she was on four different psychiatric medications at the time of her death. She was taking medicine for her disorder. The bipolar disorder led to her death. Elisa’s toxicology report showed that she was taking several different types of psychiatric medication. The American psychiatric association recommends an anti-depressant in conjunction with a mood stabilizer and anti-psychotic drugs to manage the symptoms of her bipolar disorder. “For many years, psychiatrists have traditionally added an antidepressant to a mood stabilizer if a mood stabilizer alone is ineffective; however, research shows that antidepressants are often not effective for bipolar depression” (Treating).The autopsy reported that she was taking the right medication. The problem was that even though she had taken the right medication but when the doctors tested her blood they found out Elisa hadn’t taken her anti-psychotic in a while. Without anti-psychotic to balance, the effects of anti-depressants studies have shown an increase in the manic episode. This leads to the manic episodes which comes with delusions, paranoia, hallucinations and other things. This is what led to Elisa acting weird and might have probably made her go to the top of the tank and kill herself. If anyone is not in their right state of mind they can do weird and crazy stuff that can also lead to accidentally killing themselves