Mini Grant Awardees

After a year long process of filming, research and editing, myself and video protégé Sydney Adams, we finished a series featuring faculty members that received a CETL Scholarship. Eight professors give details of their work and why they were awarded the grant. The professors are exploring various ways to impact students through mediums such podcasts, software such as voice thread, captivate, the use of surveys, providing hybrid courses as well as getting feedback from students on the role they believe a university should play in their adult development. Each project is at different stages, some just starting out and others nearly complete.

The filming process consisted of the faculty members being filmed on a green screen backdrop  as well as in their classrooms, offices or workspace. In order to get clear footage of the work that was online, we screen recorded as they navigated their files and used various software. The most difficult part of the editing process for this project was compiling any additional pictures or backend work, but it really ran smooth because all the professors had a digital form of their work. Our hope is that these videos can be of some benefit to the professors and CETL in promoting faculty research and the CETL Grant. Please enjoy the videos.





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